The Founders

Simone Bierti

Founder & CEO

Simone has 12 years of experience gained at Insiel SpA (Italian ICT company) in product development and team management areas, establishing cross-organizational services such as centralized authentication and authorization systems, payment systems, master data, cryptography, DevOps strategy, and operations. This has allowed him to become an expert in working with distributed systems, digital identity applications, designing and managing a successful software production process. Additionally, his technical leadership has enabled him to lead the teams he managed effectively and guide the business in the right direction according to company strategy.

Giorgio Minisini

Founder & COO

Giorgio has nearly 20 years of experience at Insiel SpA. His main focus in the company has been on digital healthcare: he started by designing and implementing one of the most successful implementations of a healthcare booking service - it has been sold to many healthcare providers across Italy and is still in use - later, he managed the entire healthcare software production unit of the company, and in the recent period, contributed to the creation of the unit dedicated to social services. His deep understanding of the unique requirements and regulations of the healthcare industry, as well as the technical expertise necessary to manage complex healthcare systems and the business aspects behind them, makes him highly appreciated by clients.

The Team

Matteo Buzzulini

Development Team leader, Backend

With over 20 years of experience in R&D at Vimar, specializing in developing software for cloud-based home automation. He is the lead backend engineer and the designer of the integration of monitoring tools with the platform.

Raffaello Fornasiere

Head of FrontEnd

Graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He brings a vast range of skills in frontend technologies and the expertise to apply part of his work on his master's thesis about Large Language Models (LLM).

Elena Frassinelli

UX/UI Designer

Elena demonstrates great skills in designing the user interface for the product: aesthetic taste, care, and elegance combined with cutting-edge design, ergonomics, and special attention to the user experience.

Samanta Straulino

Service & Documentation Specialist

Drafts project documentation and oversees the final customer support service. Collaborates with the Quality Manager in managing quality documentation and ensuring the correct implementation of processes by all company collaborators.